About company

Group of companies "Meta-Sistem" SRL was established in 2008 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

For more than 10 years of its existence, the company has entered the international market and can boast of successfully implemented projects in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, France, Germany, Switzerland, etc.

We specialize in the development of customized software solutions for business projects

A complex approach

If you need to develop a website with a products catalog from 1C, then you have to use at least three different contractors: Web professionals, 1C programmers and system server administrators.

If at some point you have a problem with the operation of the whole system, you will not know exactly which of the 3 companies to contact for its correction. We offer in one package all of the above services -How can we solve your unique problem?

Свяжитесь с нами

Кучер Антон

Управляющий партнер

Иову Галина

Операционный директор

Шмундяк Михаил

Технический директор

Кобзарь Наталья

Главный бухгалтер

Самойлова Екатерина

Менеджер по продажам 1С

Рабанович Ирина

Менеджер по продажам Веб

Яна Сорокина


Мардарь Евгений

Офис менеджер


We have a great and friendly team of staff members, but we are continuously growing and need highly skilled professionals and just nice people who will be able to easily integrate into our team. Our work is like a rollercoaster ride: scary, but exciting.