Customized website creation: why is it better than Wix and Tilda builders?

The first thing to consider is uniqueness. Using a "website builder", you are likely to get a standard template that thousands of other people are using. Even if you spend a lot of time on customization and adaptation, your site is unlikely to stand out from the mass of similar ones. Moreover, this templated approach may not fully match your brand or business ideology, which can affect the perception of your target audience.

The second point is functionality. Imagine you want to add some special feature or integration with another service. In most cases, builders like Wix or Tilda limit you to do this. Using them, you may find that your site doesn't "know how" to do what you expect it to do. This can be a barrier to growth and scaling your business, as the need for new features may become more frequent in the future.

Now let's talk about price. "Free website builder" sounds tempting, doesn't it? But "free" usually means a basic version without many useful features. To get full access and features, you will have to pay. Sometimes, these costs can be comparable to the cost of having a customized website built by professionals. Also, the additional features offered on a paid basis may not be that necessary for your website, making the cost less justified.

Now let's take a look at custom website building. Yes, it may be more expensive at first, but you will have full control over design, functionality and content. A customized website can be completely tailored to your needs and goals. In addition, a professional web designer and developer can offer solutions you didn't even realize you needed. This customized approach also provides a deeper understanding of your business goals and can include sound SEO and marketing strategies that will improve your online visibility.

In the end, which is better: a customized website or using a website builder? If you're on a limited budget and just want to "try" your hand online, builders like Wix or Tilda might be a good place to start. But if you're serious about success and want to create a unique and functional website that reflects your brand and values, a custom website builder is your best choice.

Remember, when creating a site is important not only its simplicity, but also functionality, which will allow customers to maximize with the benefit and convenience of using the resource. To achieve a convenient and functional site can be different ways, but the best solution will be a personalized approach to creating a site. Yes, it may be more costly, but it is an investment in your future success.