Meta Sistem: 15 years of success in information technology and software

Meta-Sistem" SRL company is celebrating its 15th anniversary, which is the 15th year of successful activity on the IT market in Moldova.

During this period, the company has managed to prove itself as a reliable partner, providing high quality services in the field of software development and information technology.

Meta-Sistem was founded in 2008 and already by the end of the first year of its operation has started to work internationally with large companies. Over the past 15 years, the company has implemented many projects of varying complexity.

One of the most significant projects Meta-Sistem has implemented is ZOutlet, an online shop specialized in selling clothes, shoes and accessories. Thanks to the solution developed by the company, users can quickly and conveniently choose and order the necessary goods, as well as get expert advice.

Another example of successful work of the company is the Purcari project for one of the largest wineries in Moldova. The system developed by the company allows users to get quality information about wine production, its history and characteristics, as well as to take tests and learn by doing.

Despite the fact that these projects were developed for different sectors, there is a common principle - an individual approach to each client and deep understanding of the market needs.

Moreover, Meta-Sistem is active in the field of software development for business. In particular, the company has created a number of software products to manage business processes, automate accounting and financial planning, as well as improving the efficiency of enterprises in general.

In general, over 15 years Meta-Sistem has managed to prove itself as one of the leaders in software development and information technology. The company is constantly improving its processes and products, introducing new technologies and development methods, which allows it to remain competitive in the market.

In addition, the company adheres to the principle of an individual approach to each client and partner. The company is always ready to listen to the needs and requirements of its clients, offer an optimal solution and provide high quality service throughout the entire project.

One of the key factors of Meta-Sistem success is its team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in information technology. The company is constantly developing its employees, providing them with opportunities for professional growth and development.

All this gives Meta-Sistem the opportunity for development and the right to be called a successful and innovative company that for 15 years has managed to implement many projects at the international level, gained recognition and trust of customers, and established itself as a reliable partner in the field of information technology.