Where could we find IT specialists

Thanks to the dynamic development in the IT sector, Moldova has become a new direction for the European companies, which outsource software development to Moldovan specialists. The good geographical position (the country is located in South-Eastern Europe) allows us to work for Western customers almost on the same time zone. The difference in time from Europe is only an hour. Moreover, Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, can be quickly reached from any point of the Old World in just a few hours. Visa-free entry is available to citizens of 100 countries, including EU countries.

Besides favorable geolocation, there are a number of reasons for companies to choose outsourcing in Moldova:

  • moderate costs;
  • high-level specialists;
  • same mentality.

Moldovan universities are graduated annually by hundreds of development engineers who, together with the knowledge of such technologies such as JAVA, JS, PHP, Python, 1C, also know foreign languages (English, French, Italian). These skills enable us to serve a large number of customers from European countries. When creating cost-effective solutions for a wide range of IT needs there are working many designers, template designers, Front-end and Back-end developers, data analysts and project managers. Moldova is becoming an ideal place for those who need specialists to create user interfaces, software and mobile applications.

The international IT company Meta-Sistem implements the most daring ideas and provides creative technical teams to work on the project. We organize the creation, launch and further maintenance of the project. We understand the product and modern technologies for its implementation. You can find both a team dedicated to the development of your project and hourly charging for unique tasks. We form proposals flexibly to meet the requirements of each customer.