Car service

Car service centres operate differently from retail and service companies. Firstly, car service centres have specific reference books in accounting systems with a complex classification by car models, spare parts and works performed. Secondly, car service centres combine the sale of goods and the provision of services. The accounting is kept not by workshops, like in production enterprises, but by customers.

Moreover, car service centres sell goods that are not actually capitalized by ordering spare parts from suppliers' catalogues. After a spare part is found and ordered, it is entered into the order warehouse system, in which spare parts are sorted by orders, rather than by name. Access to this functionality is conveniently implemented at the manager's workplace.

Another important option that can be implemented using an automated accounting system is the scheduling of the working time of car service technicians. Using the built-in calendar, you can not only plan the work for a day, but also organize an online recording system.

Moreover, using 1C solutions, you can keep an end-to-end account for a specific client and his/her car, which is very important for a car service centre. This gives the service technician access to the service history of the car.

In addition, the “Car Service Centre” configuration has all the basic functionality required for accounting at a trade company: connection of cash register equipment, payment, analysis of accounts receivable, procurements, warehouse inventory control and much more.

There are also management accounting tools (“Manager's Monitor”, “Key Indicators Monitor”), which compactly collect important information and indicators for ongoing analysis and management decisions.

The basic configuration can be individually adjusted to the work specifics of a particular car service centre, typical tasks, work model and other organizational processes.

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