Construction differs from other business types by very long operational and financial cycles. Efficient and profitable operations require from construction companies maximum attention to planning and, in particular, financial planning.

Configurations for the automation of the accounting systems of construction companies have many tools for drawing up project cost estimates, including for individual works, as well as solutions for scheduling of construction phases.

Unlike manufacturing enterprises, construction companies keep records by project, rather than by work stages. The profitability of construction should be assessed per project, rather than per shop. Automated accounting systems have the tools necessary for the step-by-step project management, from cost estimation and planning to the control of building materials.

1C allows building a full-fledged management infrastructure in which you can manage not only the works within the enterprise, but also the interactions with suppliers, subcontractors and other third-party organizations. Top managers of the company will always have on the screen clear current reports on the status of tasks, compliance with deadlines and financial flows.

The organization of automated accounting with constant control on sites also helps to optimize the working time of employees, as well as reduce the number of thefts and wasteful use of materials.

1C software products make it possible for a construction company to build a comprehensive and functional information infrastructure that automates the routine work of accountants and brings the management and planning of construction projects to a new level.

Moreover, the standard configurations during implementation at the enterprise are individually tailored to the specific tasks and business processes of the company.

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