The service sector is one of the most common categories of doing business with a fairly simple accounting. There must certainly be a typical software solution for it that enables automating bookkeeping and management accounting. This is actually true, but the service sector has some interesting features that shall be taken into account when implementing an automation system.

  • First, service businesses often keep cost accounting horizontally (by project). It is much more convenient to calculate expenses and the cost separately for each client and each project.
  • Secondly, in the service sector, there are often no accounting operations and positions that are standard for other businesses. For example, there is no inventory, inventory accounting, supplies, inventory taking, and more.
    • Often, service provision is a simple process that requires only accounting of salaries or intermediary services, as well as control of payment receipts from clients. Therefore, special 1C configurations for service enterprises are usually very compact and simple. They do not contain any unnecessary accounting functionality.
  • Thirdly, the very concept of “Service sector” is very broad and vague. Accounting in a gym and, for example, in a hotel will be very different. Therefore, 1C has several standard solutions for different segments of the service sector. We are talking about the configurations "Fitness Club", "Hotel", "Beauty Salon", "SPA Salon", "Travel Agency" and many other specialized solutions, which are also available in the Republic of Moldova, and are optimized having due regard to the domestic legislation.

Also, the already mentioned division of pricing for particular projects and particular clients enables implementing and automating in the accounting software complex systems of promotions, bonuses, cash-back and additional marketing tools.

You can set an individual pricing model for each client (or group of clients) as an automatic algorithm. In this case, various factors can be taken into account (history of past purchases, level of loyalty, gender, age, region of residence, and much more). This creates new opportunities for the marketing department.

You can also organize, within the framework of the accounting system, a convenient calendar of employees with distribution of the working day. Mechanisms for pre-registration of clients can be set in it. All this can be synchronized with the site/application and with the CRM system to automate the work with clients as much as possible and provide them with the best level of service.

Moreover, it is possible to develop and implement, on the basis of 1C, an individual solution, which will be developed on the basis of specific work processes and tasks of the company.

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