Car rental

Car rental companies operated also 100 years ago (Hertz, Sixt, etc.). Initially, they provided cars in special offices, sending advertising brochures, and later booking transportation by phone. Nowadays people find it more comfortable to order a car online. And that provides a lot of benefits both to customers and business.

Through customer's eyes

The detailed catalogue of cars is uploaded on the site. It includes the car brand and the number of seats for passengers, as well as the volume of the engine, consumption and type of fuel. With convenient search filters, it is easy to find the best offer - even for unregistered users. There must be good photos, description of the car and conditions. The list of means of transport, in addition to choosing a model, includes general travel and driver data, additional services (place equipped for disabled persons, room for non-smokers, etc.), confirmation and method of payment.

The customer will have a personal cabinet with information about his orders - after authentication into the system. It is easier for the manager to work with a person, to know what is important for him or her, to show loyalty and interest to the company. For example, ask the question: “Do you still need a baby seat?”

Through the owner's eyes

There is a system of records (CRM or another) and the visitor sees only free cars - which simplifies the company's work and removes unpleasant moments, such as the unavailability of the ordered car for the requested date/time. When a car is reserved, it disappears from the catalogue for the specified period. And the owner of the car rental company knows about the condition of each car and the exact occupation schedule.

Company employees see the order management schedule, database structure, price formation and statistics. All money transactions become transparent. This enables an efficient planning of the work and preparation of reports. The program will accelerate and improve the company's work. Customer service time is reduced 5 times (generating automatically the package of documents). Financial information and staff work report can help you identify business process gaps, reduce costs, and create optimum and attractive business conditions for your customers.

IT developers are urging car rental companies to resolve problems with the hosting provider early in peak periods when the load on the site is high. For example, this is the period of conferences, wedding season and other holidays.

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