Online loans

Many citizens, for various reasons, cannot count on a bank loan. Credit and micro-finance organizations have less stringent conditions and are successful in Moldova’s market. But there are a lot of companies offering loans. How to distinguish your business, attract customers, and automate processes in your enterprise? To achieve these goals, there are modern solutions in the field of web development.

Taking a credit - it's a stress for a person. There is fear that you will have to pay finally more than expected. And to choose a company, people are carefully considering the terms of the loan. The clearer and more transparent they are, the greater is the degree of confidence. And not everyone has time to come into every organization and learn all the subtleties from an employee. It is easier to use a convenient web service with an arranged information, a list of documents and a detailed description of services without leaving the house or office. The solution would positively distinguish the micro-finance organization on the market, underline the company's soundness and enable the automation of the work.

Users will be able to address the manager with the questions they are interested in on the website and leave the contact details for the consultant's call. A virtual interlocutor - a chatbot - is perfect for that purpose. The program will provide answers according to the previous scenario. This will help make business processes more efficient and automated, as well as save time and optimize costs by reducing the number of employees.

An online loan calculator is also required. A potential borrower may immediately find out the amount of the monthly payment according to the loan term and which will be the resulting overpayment. The option will allow it to choose a program, calculate risks, make a decision and reach an agreement as soon as possible.

You can apply online. It is convenient both for the customer and for the company when the obtainment/approval a loan is done in this way. User uploads data about himself or herself and sends a request, and the employee considers the case and displays the response. But this process is also automated. Requests shall be analyzed using a calculation algorithm and the parameters specified by the applicant. The customer receives a notification with the approval for receiving a loan or refusal of the service - either by post or by SMS.

Each borrower has a personal cabinet on the websites of micro-finance organizations. The page updates loan information, tranches paid and there is possible to reissue the loan. People like such a service – they should not seek the information they need in a paper contract or call a consultant.

You can also launch an interactive map with the company's departments, ATMs and addresses, geo-location (so the customer can easily find an office or cash box for payment) and exchange rate.

We have a successful experience in working with micro-finance organizations. We know the requirements and peculiarities of such companies - and how to optimize their work. For a consultation, please call at 022 857 158 or leave an online request.