Order of services

Companies around the world go into the online space. About 16% of companies preferred this format. The restrictive measures related to preventing the spread of coronavirus - have changed small and medium-sized enterprises. The pandemic accelerated the pace of transition to the remote working regime. This has especially affected the service sector. And contractors involved in this sector face the challenge of revising their workplace. Creating a site and implementing reservation systems can not only simplify and automate business processes but can also reduce costs and increase the number of customers.

How does it work?

The service sector is a large part of the economy. It includes trade, education, tourism, publication, insurance, the beauty industry, healthcare and other activities. How to attract customers? For example, for a clinic? People find it hard to make an appointment, lines are overloaded. It's easier to enter the site from a computer or smartphone and register for a consultation or lab test. The person receives an email confirmation or SMS. In addition, he or she will also receive an e-mail reminder - with date, time, office number and cost. This is comfortable for all service companies. Exchanging such a booking calendar with an accounting system or CRM helps companies optimize their work process and improve their service quality, which means attracting more customers.

Do offices remain in the past?

Notaries, lawyers, translators - providing office services. It is now more comfortable and safer to move to distance counselling. You don't need to meet dozens of people, but to open your laptop and have an online conversation. This is also a more economic option. Nowadays it gets expensive to rent an office. It is much more profitable to send money to develop a website, marketing - and advise people from home. Compartments are created by theme: Legacy, Divorce - with prices and conditions. This will streamline processes and increase productivity.

Builders, craftsmen, plumbers, electrical workers - there are always orders for such companies. But, how is it possible to update the business, raise it to a new level and surpass your competitors? Create a web site about the company. On its pages, you can show examples of works, comments with a photo report, download the current price list, and also leave the option for visitors to order a call, receive advice, and request a one-click expert visit. This creates the impression of a serious company, increases trust and accelerates all work.

Chat configuration

In addition chatbots are also convenient. You can direct by chain the site visitor according to his search and offer quality services without a real consultant.

In one minute, a person “passes” from one question to one solution depending on the scenario. You don't need to wait for the operator's message. Example: What's wrong? – The fridge! – What brand? – Ariston! - Has it stopped freezing? – Yes! Leave your number, the craftsman will contact you! And your employee knows what problem needs to be solved. The customer has the feeling that he or she will be helped by experienced specialists.

And in this window, he or she receives a brochure about the company - about discounts, offers, new services. For example, the diagnosis at a super price. Apparently, there are savings in advertising - the person has already shown interest and has entered the database. But sometimes live communication is necessary. Then other online chat modules, to which a company employee is assigned, are integrated for the operational interaction with the user of the website in live communication mode. And the customer receives a detailed answer from the operator and can immediately order the service.

That's what “Meta-Sistem” does - individual web development sites for companies working in the service sector. The most advantageous solution is easy to choose for each segment of the market. We create websites from scratch or modify existing ones - for any business.