Order of transfers

People regularly fly to rest or on business purposes, and a group or individual transfer - it's a comfortable way to get from the airport to the hotel or vice versa. This is a practical option for any trip from point A to point B. For example, upon arrival in the city, a person must get in the car as soon as possible, and go to a restaurant for a business meeting - or take a friend/relative from the station and take him/her to the hotel. Such customers appreciate punctuality and the high level of service. Companies are trying to improve their work, make services as convenient as possible. To achieve the proposed goals, there is needed a website with advanced functionality - to automate business processes.

How does it work?

The person will order on your new website namely the journey he or she needs. He or she will be able to set the date, time, mark addresses and report the number of passengers, choose a car (make, class, number of seats, etc.), indicate the preferences. For example, to specify that he or she needs a child car seat or a meeting at the airport (with a sign). After specifying all necessary parameters and wishes, automatic cost calculation takes place and the customer can pay the online order.

What are the advantages?

Such systems help raise profits by 40 - 50 per cent – they reduce costs and speed up twice requests processing. The company has the possibility to see shortcomings, improve relations with customers and obtain permanent customers.

Car choice

The program keeps records of all cars in the car park, displays driver's data, his or her status (occupied/free) and comments - this allows you to draw up the work schedule, control staff, and increase loyalty to the company.

Customer base

The database with the history of cooperation shall also be collected. And on the next call it will be possible to greet the person by name. The system sends messages about the status of the order, recalls about the meeting. This saves both your time and passenger's time.

Processing speed

The system starts analyzing the request, finds the car, the driver, calculates the cost of the travel, makes changes to the employee's schedule, and sends an SMS to the customer. And the person already knows that he or she will be taken at a certain time and brought to the address indicated, and you have a prepared schedule - and everything is under control.

Analytical data

All processes are automated, financial records are kept (vouchers, payments). The figures, indicators and materials obtained will help make the right strategic decisions to optimize the company's personnel and activities. Thus, the organization of the work will reach a new level.

To choose the right option for the CRM system, there is determined its future functionality, the processing speed of requests and other features. Depending on the customer’s criteria, Meta-Sistem will prepare a product offer, implement and configure the program.