Freelance site

During the restrictive and quarantine measures, not only online sales reached their historical peak. Another online business niche that has grown a lot in this period is remote work and freelance. The year 2020 showed that remote work is a format not only for IT specialties. If desired, any office worker may be transferred to “remote work”.

Thus, potentially, freelance platforms are expecting a large wave of growth due to expanding the number of work specialties. With this, new specialists and new employers will come to freelance. This idea has a great potential in Moldova's local market, since this market is still completely empty here.

Features of the development of a freelance platform

The entire intermediate role of service in the customer-freelancer relationship is reduced to three points:

  • Marketing. The search for clients and executors, as well as the organization of a comfortable service for finding freelancer or current orders.
  • Arbitral cooperation and organization of payments. Meters of deadlines, freezing funds on the employer's account, resolving controversial situations.
  • Technical support. At each stage of user cooperation (search, task approval, review, payment transfer, feedback and ratings), the platform shall offer relevant functionalities.

The process of launching and promoting freelance platforms shall be reduced to the following three tasks:

  • Firstly, the constant attraction of new participants on the platform.
  • Secondly, the work on usability. The functionality of the site must correspond to typical working processes and collaboration patterns between users.
  • Thirdly, all this should be included in a technology and functional platform.

Special attention should be paid to the safety of the platform, as the freelance platform involves keeping users' money on balance.

How to monetize a freelance platform?

Most often, owners of a freelance platform earn from transaction fees, the value of which depends on the amount of payment and the format of the co-operation. In a deficient market (many executors) or proficient market (many clients), the payment can be taken only from one side of the transaction.

But depending on the platform specialization, you can consider other options to earn money. For example, the paid placement of orders and vacancies and premium options (automatic raising, highlighting of announcements, priority search for customers, etc.).

The freelance platform - it's not just a website and it's not just a bulletin board. It is a complex online business that requires constant work by technical specialists, marketing specialists, security experts and other professionals.

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