When will a website redesign not help you?

A website redesign is the process of updating the appearance of a website. Many web owners believe that a redesign is a one-size-fits-all solution to all website problems. However, this is not always the case. In some cases, a redesign will not help and need another solution, such as a refinement or update. In this article, we'll look at in which cases a website redesign won't help.

Low traffic on the site

If your website has low traffic, a redesign won't help solve the problem. In this case, you may need to do a keyword analysis and optimize content for search engines to increase traffic.

Usability and navigation problems

A redesign can improve the design, but it won't solve these problems. Instead, you need to focus on usability and optimise navigation.

Low conversion rate

If your resource has a low conversion rate, the problem may not be in its design but in its content. In this case, you need to analyze the target audience and the services or products provided on the site, and review your marketing strategy. Pay more attention to setting up your sales funnel.

Problems with functionality

If your platform has functionality problems, a redesign won't help either. In this case, you may need to tweak your resource to eliminate functionality issues. For example, add capture forms or, if pages take a long time to load, optimise their loading.

Outdated content or insufficient content

If your resource has outdated content, you need to update it rather than doing a redesign. For example, if your pages contain information about a product that is no longer produced, or other data that is no longer relevant, you should remove that information and add new information.

If you realise that a redesign won't help you achieve your goals, don't despair. There are other solutions that can help you improve the performance of your resource. For example, we can offer to rework your site or update the content on it. We can also develop a new website from scratch, which will be fully compliant with your objectives. Our team of web development specialists are ready to help you with either option. Contact us by filling in the form to discuss your needs and find the solution that best suits your business.