Trade enterprises

Retail trade — is the most widespread business in the Republic of Moldova. This is a rather simple business model in terms of accounting. There is a separate 1C configuration tailored for retail companies.

This industry configuration has all the tools necessary to automate the accounting of both a particular store and the entire retail chain. It helps to automate procurements, logistics, warehousing, sales, customer service, pricing, marketing management and other aspects of store operations.

Moreover, a universal solution is adapted during implementation to the specifics of the work and tasks of a particular company.

Automation of accounting with 1C makes it possible to put in place individual pricing systems for customers (discount cards, loyalty programs, cash-back and much more). In the accounting system, you can implement a separate calculation of discount for each customer individually. This will help both organize pricing and increase customer loyalty by increasing repeat sales.

Moreover, the accounting system allows you to automate processes:

  • Procurements and logistics. Automatic calculation of the consumption of commodity items and balances in warehouses of stores. Using this function, you can organize the logistics of goods and timely delivery to the points of sale.
  • Range and pricing management. Tools for assessing the demand and liquidity of commodity positions. This makes it possible to revise the discount systems for the sale of illiquid goods.
  • Workplace of the cashier. A universal module that allows the cashier to accept different payment methods, issue discounts and accept returns.
  • Connection of peripheral equipment. Bar code scanners, terminals, electronic scales, cash register equipment, etc.

You can also set up data exchange between the accounting system and the online store/application. Buyers' requests will be received and processed by the system on a par with orders from physical points of sale.

These are not all the functions available in the automated accounting system for a retail company. It all depends on the specific needs and tasks of the company.

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