Why does the “License not detected” error occurs when logging into 1C?

1C license is linked to the equipment. Each time the 1C software is started, the current device information is compared with the data recorded in the license files. If any changes have been made to the 1C server, for example, the operating system has been updated, then this data will not match, and you will see the “license not detected” error.

In such a situation, you need to reactivate the license according to the provider’s instructions or contact the license provider for help. But it is even better to prevent this situation by disabling any updates on the server in advance.

Why are the revisions made based on the Terms of Reference do not work as expected?

The Terms of Reference is neither an indicative document nor an interim one. This is a clear technical description of the future project. Needless to say, it cannot be based on guesses and assumptions.

If you need a certain algorithm or a certain program’s behavior, it must be described in the ToR.

The more detailed the Terms of Reference describe your vision of the accounting program, the more accurate the software solution will be. Therefore, it is very important to check whether all the necessary details are described in it before approving the ToR.

Does the 1C program update automatically?

No, the software does not update automatically. Updating is essentially replacing software elements with new ones. However, innovations can affect both the operation of the system as a whole and the operation of its individual elements.

To ensure that the update does not corrupt or break anything, it should only be performed by a qualified professional.

With auto-update and even more so with an update of the program, made by the customer itself, no one can guarantee this.

This service is included in the list of works under the contract for technical support of the product. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about if you have arranged maintenance with the provider in advance.

Who should organize the accounting process at the enterprise?

1C is software for the automation of accounting at the enterprise. If the company has not organized the accounting process before, then there is nothing to automate.

Typically, accounting is the responsibility of the customer, not the software provider. But the customer can ask for help in the preliminary organization of accounting. In this case, the provider’s work is performed within the framework of the audit contract.

First, the accounting processes at the enterprise are audited, an audit report is drawn up, which can be used as technical documentation for the implementation of the automation tasks.

Who should store License Registration Data?

To restore a 1C software license, you will need a file that the customer received when installing the license (licdata). It contains information about the company (details) that were specified during the initial registration of the license. And this file is needed to interact with 1C on the license issue.

This file must be kept permanently by the customer along with the license registration number and PIN codes. When purchasing a license, the provider transfers all data to the buyer, who in turn bears full responsibility for the storage of the license (as under other legal documents of the company).

Therefore, we recommend that customers make several copies of the document and store them on different devices so as not to lose it completely.

How to restore the database and why does the provider not have a copy?

Force majeure happens, and you need to be prepared for them. Any power failure, accidental disconnection of the cable, spilled drinks and many other reasons can disrupt the operation of both the entire system and the 1C program separately. You can restore all data from a backup. Therefore, it is important to make these backups regularly to preserve all information.

It is important to understand that saving backups is the responsibility of the customer, or rather, it is the responsibility of its system administrator. The software provider simply cannot copy and store the customer’s confidential data. If the system needs to be restored and the customer does not have a backup, the supplier can install only a new empty database, for subsequent manual filling.

Therefore, you should make sure that backups are made regularly in advance.

Why does the program take a long time to generate a report, and in general works slowly?

Why is 1C slow?


The speed of 1C is affected by a large number of possible reasons:

  1. The database has grown a lot or there are many users in it, it’s time to think about switching to SQL
  2. The server on which the base is deployed is low-powered or heavily loaded with other tasks
  3. The database is not maintained on time (reindexing and recalculation of results is not done)
  4. The report was written incorrectly initially (this also happens often).

In case you encounter such problems, you need to analyze and identify the reason that hinders the work of your database. In this case, it is better not to engage in “self-treatment”, but to contact the software provider to perform an audit of the system and find a specific solution to the problem.

Why is it impossible that two programmers work simultaneously in one database - a full-time one and an external contractor?

This option is possible, but before hiring a freelance programmer, it is necessary to understand the possible consequences of such a decision.

For example, it is necessary to decide who will be contacted by the company’s employees in case of errors. And how to solve the problem of paying for fixing errors of a full-time programmer (this also happens)?

In general, before using two specialists you need to assess the benefits of this action and think about possible problems and risks.

Who should enter the initial values (organization details, directories, constants)?

The initial entering of data to the accounting system with data and basic information is the customer’s responsibility.

But at the request of the customer, we can take over this work and it will be performed by one of our specialists. But this work is paid additionally and is not included in the cost of the 1C license in any way.

What should we do if the printer doesn’t work?

The provider is responsible only for the 1C software. All additional equipment in the company, whether printer, scanner, photocopier, etc. is serviced by the system administrator or by an authorized employee of the company.

If an error occurs while printing from the program interface, the problem is with the printer. You should contact your system administrator and check the printing settings from your desktop.

Can I run multiple companies in the same program?

Yes, you can, but subject to certain conditions.

First, you need a standard version of 1C, not a basic one. It is the standard version that allows you to keep records of more than one company at a time, and in the basic version, you can create only one profile for maintaining one company.

Secondly, you need to evaluate the capabilities of your server. Will he be able to provide fast and uninterrupted service of two databases at the same time?

Specifically for such cases, we suggest that you choose to connect to an external server. In this case, access to the application files is uninterrupted from almost any point where the Internet is available.

Specialized servers ensure the safety and confidentiality of data recovered even when local computers are stolen.

Who should look for errors if the report does not match?

Errors in 1C reports are not necessarily (or even very rarely) a software error. More often errors in reports are the result of errors when users enter data. We can do nothing with the human factor.

Needless to say, we cannot be responsible for the correctness of the data entered by users. However, we can help you find the error if you have a system maintenance contract. And these works will be performed at the expense of the maintenance time.

Who conducts staff training?

We do not impose staff training in the project and cost estimates for the integration of 1C programs. It may be that company’s stall already know how to work in the program. Perhaps a person inside the company can train the staff.

Therefore, we offer staff training as an additional option. But if you need training you can purchase the training, performed by our consultants as an additional package of services.

Who configures the output of the desired indicators in the report?

Typically standard 1C reports are configured by the user. But if there is a need to generate non-standard reports, or if you need help with standard reports, you can always contact the 1C software provider.

Additional work (assistance in setting up standard reports, developing new reports) is performed under a separate service contract.