Why is my website poorly displayed in XXX browser on YYY device?

There are a large number of operating (desktop and mobile) systems and browsers, and even more variants of their combination. Each OS and browser also has several working versions. The quality and correctness of the image also depend directly on the device used and the screen format.

It is almost impossible to test all possible options for displaying the website. When commissioning a project, we test the website on an approved list of popular combinations, and we can guarantee the correct operation of the website with such initial data. This list can be extended at the request of the customer

Why is my website loading slower than competitors' website/I would want/than Microsoft's one?)

The page load speed depends on several variables at once.

First, it depends on the content of the page. The more graphical content, text blocks, and complex scripts it has, the longer it will take to load.

Secondly, it depends on the performance of the server. The faster it processes incoming requests, the faster it will load a separate page for an individual user.

Also, it depends on the location of the user, the browser, the current load on the server and many other factors. Google AMP technology can be considered to speed up individual pages of the website. These are accelerated versions of pages that are processed on the Google side, partially reducing the load to the server. It is important to use the same speed calculation method before and after optimization.

Get my site to appear at the top on Google searches

Search Engine Optimisation is a tricky and complex job. Whether your website will get to the top of search results for the desired queries depends on a variety of factors, ranging from the quality of content and the level of competition for the query to the speed of loading and the age of the website.

If someone guarantees you to be in the Top 3 for all key queries, most likely you are dealing with unfair performers. Using black SEO techniques, you can, of course, quickly get to the top of the SERPs. But this threatens your website to fall under the filters of search engines. We practice only methods of promotion recommended by search engines. They are effective and safe but require the right level of effort and time.

There is no golden key to search engines. Ranking algorithms are constantly changing, and are kept in strict secrecy to avoid artificial Inflation. SEO is a broad and comprehensive topic, you can read more in the relevant section of our website.

Can we redesign my old website?

The website redesign is not only the work of a designer but also a layout designer and a programmer. Major changes in the design and structure of the website will require full or partial adaptation of the software for the new design to perform the same functions.

Thus, if the task is only to update the appearance of a website with a minimum budget, without involving programmers, then the changes will be insignificant.

Not every layout allows you to update the design. Before starting redesigning your old website, the correctness of the layout and the relevance of the code used ned to be assessed.

Why did a virus appear on my site? How can I make my website safe in the future?

Standard technical solutions exist to eliminate and prevent standard hacking (spam attacks, DDoS attacks, phishing, malicious code hosting, data theft, etc.). But experienced hackers know how to circumvent these security measures.

Therefore, if valuable confidential information is stored on your website or your server, you should immediately contact information security specialists who will develop a set of individual security measures for the website and draft terms of reference for developers.

We assess the level of website security using the recognized OWASP Top-10 vulnerability scanning methodology. At the request of the customer, we can analyze the website for vulnerabilities and make the necessary corrections.

What's better: a mobile version of the website or an app?

Classic apps can interact with basic phone features (contacts, geolocation, and push notifications). Moreover, applications are hosted in operating system repositories (AppStore, Play Market), from which additional audiences are obtained.

Mobile versions, in turn, are indexed by search engines and do not require to be downloaded. But you don't have to choose now. PWA (Progressive Web Apps) technology combines the advantages of both approaches. It is a mobile version that falls into the index of search engines, while it has the functionality of classic applications. a href="https://www.metawebart.com/page/services-pwa-ru" target="_blank">Learn more about PWA apps.

How do I choose a domain/hosting for my project?

The domain must be short, memorable, and easy to pronounce. From the point of view of further promotion of the resource, it will be more effective to select the domain zone of the country in which the website will be promoted. If the project is international, you can select universal domain zones (.com, .org, .info, etc.) or make several sites localized to a specific country (with different contacts and different domain zones).

Hosting also needs to be closer to the target audience. This will increase the server's response rate and, accordingly, the website's loading speed. You need to choose reliable hosting. Particular attention should be paid to Uptime and server response rates.

Is it possible to develop a project 2, 3, n times faster?

Work on the project has a clear sequence of actions. The development of websites and applications is performed in stages by different specialists. Each stage of development is based on the results of the previous one. It is incorrect and not always possible to perform them in parallel.

It is possible to speed up the work on the project only by engaging more specialists and dividing the work into blocks. But the project budget will increase proportionately with this approach.

Why does this work cost this much? How do you estimate your work?

The cost of work on the project is estimated by the necessary time of specialists (and the cost per hour of each specialist) for its implementation. Estimating a project in this way can only be done after compiling an accurate list of tasks. In this case, the Client sees the final amount for the implementation of the entire list of works. But if the customer has additional requests, the budget will be increased proportionately.

There is also a second option – monthly (or hourly) setting of tasks and payment for the work of the team. This is a more flexible method of work that allows for continuous changes to the work plan. But in this case, the customer does not initially know the timing of implementation and the final cost of the project. Payment for the period of the team's work is a convenient model for working on large-scale projects when it is impossible to compile an accurate list of tasks.

Why is my website not working?

The website may not work for three reasons:

  1. Termination of hosting support for the website or termination of domain rights. This may happen due to non-payment of rent amount or if the allowable limit of resources (memory, the number of files, percentage of server load, etc.) is exceeded.
  2. Intentional (technical work) or unintentional termination of hosting work.
  3. Possible errors on the website's side

And the possible causes are checked in this particular order.

How can I promote my website?

There are dozens of website promotion methods. The main ones are:

  • Contextual advertising in search results. Its advantage is that interested users from organic search results will come to the site.
  • SEO website promotion. It gives a long-term result and a constant stream of users from the search results, even after the termination of SEO promotion.
  • Promotion in social media. Social media is a great source of traffic and a means of building dialogue with your audience. And targeted advertising on social media allows you to select only the target audience for promotion.
  • Banner advertising. A great tool for improving brand awareness.

Website promotion should be based on a well-thought-out and balanced marketing campaign and market positioning of the brand. Also, the selection of promotion methods should be based on the analysis of the target audience and competitors' activities. Learn more about website promotion methods.

Why does X not cause Y? Doesn't that make sense?

The website is based on project documentation. At the stage of its approval, we try to cover as many aspects of future development as possible. When approving a project, it is very important to make sure that the project documentation describes exactly what you expect to see. If there are any questions, it is better to talk about them immediately, and not hope that the performer considers the same thing to be logical as you do.

Of course, it is impossible to foresee all the little things at the stage of project documentation, and after the delivery of the work, additional wishes and improvements may arise, but the approval of the project and terms of reference should be done responsibly.

How do I restore my website and data after technical errors or hosting non-payment?

We recommend all our clients set up a daily website backup. It is worth saving backups several days in advance and storing them in reliable file storage.

On hosting, in case of non-payment of services, backups are stored only for 30 days. If during this time you do not have time to pay for the services, the backups will be irretrievably lost. We also store recovery files, but at the time of the delivery of the project to the customer. Any changes that were made later will be lost if you do not systematically save the current versions.

Why do I not receive the requests from my website to my email? Why do emails end up in spam?

Requests from the feedback form may not come at once for several reasons. Most often, letters fall under the SPAM filters of the mail server. There can be a lot of reasons: the necessary data is not registered on the server, the letter may have suspicious content, etc.

The problem's solution should be started by analyzing the mail server and possible errors on it. If the server is OK, the error in the code of the sent email should be looked for.

Why has my site become slower over time?

There are two main reasons for the slowdown:

  1. Unoptimized content. If new content with a large volume of graphic elements appears on the site over time. To restore website speed, you will need to optimize the format, size, and “weight” of graphic elements.
  2. Increased server load. If the site is not optimized for the increased number of visitors, traffic growth will significantly affect the speed of its operation. In this case, there can be several solutions at once: changing the server to a more productive one, changing the data storage structure, optimizing the site's access to the database, optimizing certain queries, etc.

Moreover, the solution to the problem should be looked for on the server's side, and only then web developers should be involved.