Bulletin Boards

You should not believe that in the age of modern marketplaces, the bulletin boards familiar to many people are outdated. It's still a popular and lively format. The experience of “Avito”, “Yula” and even “999” from Moldova prove it.

The bulletin boards, which anyone can offer or take advantage of someone else's offer, are still relevant and very popular. And if you make a thematic or regional offer on this market, you can easily take your place in this niche.

Features of the development of the bulletin boards

It is a fairly old and well-established format, and there are many template solutions for the CMS for that purpose. But can they match exactly sales in a given niche and country? Of course not! To resolve a specific problem, you need a technology solution that matches the user's requirements as precisely as possible. It's like a custom-sewn suit. It'll always fit better on the silhouette than a suit in the store sewn according to a pattern.

The bulletin board has simple functionalities, but it consists of a very large number of little things. The product search menu and the form for adding an announcement must match exactly the product specifics and ideally differ for each product category. Agree that it is impossible to search interior doors and cars by the same parameters.

In addition to optimizing the usability (ease of use), it is important to think about other technical issues.

  • Productivity. Many information is often placed on the bulletin board and is accessed by many people at the same time, who are conducting complex searches. Therefore, the server hosting the board needs to cope with such a load and such an amount of information.
  • Auxiliary functionality. To manage all posted announcements, the user needs a comfortable personal account. Alternatively, you can add the possibility of correspondence (or other channels of communication between users), as well as a centralized form of transactions with a platform guarantee.
  • Lack of errors and high speed of work. This rule applies to all sites, and especially to web services. Any errors and problems reduce the level of customer trust in the platform.

The success of the platform depends largely on the level of its liquidity. The more users it has and the more liquid is trading, the more popular it will be. A platform with a big number of buyers will be forgiven even for technical errors and uncomfortable structure. The main budget and basic attention should therefore be spent on marketing and attracting users.

How to earn money on your bulletin board?

There are three most popular models to earn money on the bulletin boards.

  • Commission for intermediate services. If the platform provides the services of a guarantor for the transaction, helps deliver or transfers money, then the service can withhold its commission for such services.
  • Premium options for sellers. You can offer the possibility to highlight announcements, their priority ranking, advertising and other options that will help increase sales.
  • Advertising. A high demand with purchasing power is concentrated on the bulletin boards, which has already been found on the site to buy a particular product. Of course, such an audience is interested in advertisers who are willing to pay attention to this audience.

These are just some of the options to earn money on the bulletin boards. You can use them to sell your products or get a commission for partnership sales. With little creativity, there are other ways to get money for each board.

Creating a bulletin board (especially when it comes to template solutions) is not difficult. But it is quite complicated to make a truly high quality product, which will be required and will bring money.

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