10 Web design trends 2023. What a modern website should look like

Every year, there are new technical solutions, new ideas of designers, new extraordinary structures and formats of websites. Keep track of these trends, especially for someone outside the industry, it is very difficult.

But website design is not just a question of fashionable visual wrapping and modernity. Working with the user interface isn't just about designing a pleasing visual. In fact, it's much more about retaining attention, optimising conversions, provoking clicks in the right places and improving sales. These are all tangible and measurable factors that are important for any business.

In this article, we want to look at 10 current web design trends for 2023. What should a modern website look like and what new ideas can be implemented on your site?

1. Scrolling

This is a new format of animated scrolling pages, which shows excellent rates of attention retention. This technology is used by major media outlets such as the New York Times, Reuters and the BBC for long stories. Dynamic text can also be seen on Google landing pages.

When scrolling such a page, all elements are animated, blocks of text, images and videos pop up when scrolling. Pages are similar to landing pages with a lot of animation and interactive elements.

With such a structure and a large number of animated elements can hold the reader's attention. The same effect can be seen when using TikTok or other social media feeds. Each new loading block switches the user's attention and holds it for a long time.

In this way, the page itself directs the visitor's attention to the right blocks and provokes targeted action.

Scrolling and storytelling may not necessarily be vertical. You have probably seen the interactive instructions that are activated when a user first logs in to a service. Different key places are highlighted to him in a row. Such an instruction shows the basic functionality and helps new users adapt.

2. infographics and data visualisation

If you want to tell something and explain the visitor, it is better to use a minimum of text and a maximum of visualization. No one likes a canvas of text. You may remember the feeling when you turn the page of a book and there is no dialogue and nothing but descriptions of nature.

It's about the same (only worse) way visitors see your site if it's full of text blocks. Even worse, if it is not just text, and watery text with a lot of stamps and epithets. No one will read it.

On the other hand, infographics, charts, statistics, large figures always attract attention. It is simply impossible not to look at them. Moreover, with these blocks of information can clearly convey the necessary idea. Explain the advantages of a product over competitors, the benefits for the customer, etc.

Infographics and the emphasis on graphic data are certainly not a new trend. It has been ingrained for quite some time. But it is now that the frequency of using infographics in web design can be seen with the naked eye.

Attention retention rates and conversion rates into targeted actions on pages with infographics, on average, are higher than on pages consisting mainly of text blocks.

3. lots of space

The first thing that catches your eye when comparing the outdated site made many years ago, and modern in that the first will be very crowded with text, images, different blocks, and the latter - on the contrary, will have a lot of free space.

It is quite normal to have only a few lines of text and a single image on one desktop screen.

Space not only unloads the site visually, but also creates areas of attention. The reader will definitely pay attention to the right text, button or image if there is simply nothing around it.

4. 3D animations and 3D elements

This is a really fresh trend that web designers are using more and more boldly and creatively. You're probably tired of us talking about every trend to attract attention. But there's no way not to mention it here. 3D animation on websites, especially if it's interactive, is very eye-catching.

Even if the page will be a lot of other elements, 3D animation is sure to collect all the looks.

5. Gamification

Gamification of content has long been proven to be effective. It adds some fun and sporting interest to the process of learning content. In order to present information in a game format, several factors need to be met simultaneously:

  • Objectives. The user must understand exactly what result they are achieving. Preferably, it should coincide with your goals and lead to conversion of the visitor into income.
  • Rules. The user must understand what the result depends on, and what you need to do to achieve it.
  • Measurability of the result. The user must see how well he plays, how much progress he made in achieving the goal.
  • Reward. If the user wins or achieves the target action, they should receive some sort of prize. This is the point of the game. It may be a medal of a few pixels, but it is the fact of achievement that counts. People love "achievers".

Gamification pages greatly improve the behavioral factors of visitors. Increases the time spent on the site, the number of useful actions, conversion rates, and hence the effectiveness of the site as a whole.

6. Minimalism, fine typography

Apple is a leader not only in the technology niche. Their presentations have become a true benchmark for presenting information to an audience. This stylish minimalism is carried over to the website as well. A black and white website with contrasting blocks, text and images - nothing else is superfluous.

And yet, it looks very stylish and neat. And knowing Apple's commitment to constant optimization, you can be sure that this site is also very effective. Very often, especially in the technology and premium product segment, you see similarly stylish, minimalist sites with no animations or complex design elements at all.

7. Monochrome and duotone

A logical continuation of the previous trend. In 2023, there were a lot of sites whose design is done either in two accent colours (duotone) or even in one (monochrome).

8. Split screens and large menu blocks

Another way to manage attention is to split content into large sections. This is especially effective for comparison boxes and large menu categories. By swiping to this screen the user is faced with a choice about how to navigate further.

Such navigational blocks noticeably increase behavioral factors by giving the visitor the illusion of having no choice. The visitor to the site it seems that it is necessary to choose some of the options.

This division into large blocks is useful when comparing subscriptions to a company's service or services. The visitor clearly sees the difference and makes a decision.

9. Natural photos of ordinary people

Staged stock photos on pages already look so worn out that they annoy even ordinary users, not to mention designers and content specialists.

No one believes in perfect photos of unnaturally smiling families hugging each other. Or a team in the office gathered around a kanban board and discussing something.

Such pictures say nothing at all. They don't give the impression of a quality product or of a company having experienced specialists. It's like white noise. Stock photos just don't get noticed and don't give them any attention.

That's why the realism of ordinary people and non-staged photos is so strongly evident.

10. Large typography

If you want it to be readable, use huge letters. You want it to be read accurately, write in huge letters on the first screen.

Large fonts are extremely popular, especially when combined with asymmetric layout, where part is superimposed over an image or other blocks. As we've said, it's almost a hundred per cent guarantee that a phrase will catch the eye and be read.

These are not all popular website design trends, there are many others that can be applied not only to update the appearance of the resource, but also to optimise its effectiveness. If you want to redesign your site, you can consult with our experts. To do this, you need to leave a request in the feedback form.

Please note that a redesign for some sites to make more complicated than making a new one. We can only advise you individually.