How do I manage multiple companies in 1C?

Maintaining more than one company in 1C may seem like a daunting task for many accountants and business owners, but it really isn't that difficult. Let's take a look at how to run multiple firms in 1C.

Step 1: Installing 1C software

The first necessary step is to install 1C software on your computer. To do this, you need to buy a licensed program from a representative of 1C. A license is needed to receive timely updates and for the program to work properly. Next specialist will install the company configuration of 1C. You can try to do it yourself, but in this case errors in the program operation are possible.

Step 2: Create a database for each company

Next you need to create a database for each company. Usually, the installer of the programme specifies the number of databases to be created. Alternatively, you may try to do it following the instructions. This is done through the "Administration" menu where you have to select "Create new database" and enter data of each company, e.g. company name, TRN, KPP, etc.

Step 3: Setting up the database

After creating of data base you have to adjust it for each company. In order to do this you have to select the desired database, open "Settings" and enter company details such as type of business, current account, contact details and others.

Step 4: Work with several companies

Once the databases have been created, you can start working with 1C on a company-by-company basis. To do this you need to run the program and select the desired database from the list of available databases.

Now you can perform all necessary operations with each company, including accounting, reporting, purchasing and sales. Please note: in order to avoid errors and confusion, all operations will be performed separately for each company.

If you need to switch between companies quickly, you may use "Switching between databases" function in "Administration" menu.

You can also use the 'Shared directories' function to reduce the time it takes to fill in common information, e.g. counterparties or employees. In order to do this you need to create the directory, mark it as shared and enable access to it for each company.

Step 5: Working with reports

Once all data has been entered and databases configured, you can start working with reports. To do this, select the desired database and choose the desired report, such as "Balance Sheet" or "Income Statement".

Step 6: Regular data back-up

Regular back-ups are an important part of working with several companies in 1C, as this enables you to save each company's data and protect them from loss in case of software or computer failure. For regular backups, you need to select the desired database, go to "Settings" and select "Backup". Configure the backup settings and save your settings.

Step 7. Updating 1C software

For smooth operation of the program and data security you need to update 1C software to the latest version. This will enable you to use all the new features and bug fixes, as well as ensure security.

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